Geo Plastics and Polymers is an ISI Certified PVC pipe manufacturer in Kerala, India having a handful of 37 years experience in the industry. In a world of constant technological change, outstanding PVC pipe extrusions can only be produced by a company with unique skills, technical mastery, persistent dedication and testing without compromise. These are the elements that make Geo plastics and Polymers a standard-bearer in thermoplastic extrusions. From its inception in 1982, We have maintained an unconditional commitment to customer service. Our technical engineering team relies on unparalleled staff experience and intensive field training, and our sales support staff responds promptly, professionally and correctly to customer requests.

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As one of the best company in India, We use the best quality PVC resin, chemicals and most modern German technology. With well trained staff, management team and stringent quality tests at our scientific laboratory, we ensure your quality requirements.

Our Vision

Our Vision​

Geo Plastics and Polymers always tries to improve the quality of our products by regular maintaining and upgrading of our process. We are well aware about the importance of customer satisfaction in any business. so we always deliver the best.​

Our Mission

Our Mission​

As one of the leading Plastic company in India we have a strategic mission on our future endeavors. We always maintain the quality of our products to become the best in the industry and maintain the best working atmosphere for our employees.​